Take a guided tour of Aachen Cathedral

Aachen Cathedral – an exceptional UNESCO World Heritage site. The heart of this monument has been preserved for more than 1200 years. Over the centuries, Charlemagne’s original Church of St Mary has evolved into one of Western Europe’s most fascinating cathedrals. The church where Charlemagne was buried, the venue for coronations of German kings, and a major destination for pilgrimages – Aachen Cathedral is truly a cultural-historical gem.

INFO: Domkapitel Aachen | tel.: +49 241 47709127 | www.aachenerdom.de

Visit the Aachen Cathedral Treasury

Aachen’s Cathedral Treasury ranks as the greatest ecclesiastical treasury north of the Alps. It houses religious art treasures that date from late antiquity through Carolingian, Ottonian and Hohenstaufen times, and include such unique items as the “Cross of Lothair” and the “Bust of Charlemagne”. These and many other priceless treasures bear testimony to the importance of Aachen Cathedral as a repository for medieval relics.

INFO: Domkapitel Aachen | tel.: +49 241 47709127 | www.aachenerdom.de

Take a guided tour of the historic town centre

Aachen’s historic town centre is the perfect place for a leisurely stroll. Treat yourself to a walk through 2000 years of Aachen history on a guided tour of its narrow streets and historic squares through. Get to know Aachen with all its facets: as a modern city with picturesque historic town houses, an abundance of old and new fountains, and countless stories that can be told about its Cathedral and Town Hall.

Aachen Tourist Service | tel.: +49 241 18029-50 | www.aachen-tourismus.de

Visit a “Printen” bakery

The “Printe” is Aachen’s “National Biscuit”. Printen Baker Klein opens the doors of its bakery and lets visitors in on the secret of Aachen’s famous “Printen” biscuits.

INFO: Bäckerei Klein | Franzstr. 91 | tel.: +49 241 474350 | www.printenmuseum.de

Take a backstage tour of Theater Aachen and enjoy a performance

Theater Aachen has a multitude of stories to tell, and constantly delights its audiences with its performances and programmes. On request, an introductory talk on the current production or a guided backstage tour prior to a performance can be arranged.

Theater Aachen | Theaterplatz | tel.: +49 241 4784244 | www.theater-aachen.de