Opera performance with introductory talk at the Opéra Royal de Wallonie| Liège

The Liège Opera is one Belgium’s leading opera houses. On request, an introductory talk on the current production prior to the performance can be arranged.

INFO & TICKETS: Boulevard de la Constitution | tel.: +32 4 2214720 | www.orw.be

Culinary stroll through the City of Maastricht

This guided walking tour takes you to historic and idyllic places, monumental churches and fascinating museums, and provides interesting facts about art and art collectors in the Province of Limburg. The tour includes a stop for refreshments in the form of coffee and a special Limburg pastry, and finishes off with cheese and wine.

INFO & BOOKING: tel.: +49 241 18029-50 | www.aachen-tourismus.de

The Brewery of Val-Dieu | Aubel

The brewery is part of the Abbey of Val-Dieu and is unique in Belgium. Several beers are brewed here in true monastic tradition, each full of character and with its own distinctive flavour. You can take a guided tour of the abbey that ends with a round of beer tasting.

INFO: Val-Dieu, 227 | tel.: +32 8769 2828 | 4880 Aubel | www.abbaye-du-val-dieu.be